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Philosophy on Dining - Chef Brian MacKenzie
Please ask The Highland Lake Innkeeper to make reservations for you.
My role as a chef is to create the best experience for my guests, period. An experience at the inn involves all the senses as well as a combination of senses.  Guests coming to the inn have to initially have great expectations of their experience and our job is to exceed those expectations. The inn's staff members are very approachable and friendly but are encouraged to first understand the personality of each guest as well as possible and to approach the guests appropriately.
Comfort, mood, temperatures, timing, anticipation, bouquets, appearance, textures, flow and cleanliness are all areas of importance that I constantly sort through with every aspect of a guest's dining experience.  These words shape each guest's entire experience from booking the reservation to leaving the inn. Everything is important.  As far as cooking, I try my best make each course unique with its own distinct blend of flavors and textures.  The palate of foods available today makes a chef's experience very diverse and interesting.  It is my job and love to combine ingredients in order to maximize their effect and importance to each dish. I love walking through the dining room and receiving complements on all courses served, not just one.  I have done my job when I see smiles and sense the true happiness of our guests.

Highland Lake Inn
32 Maple Street, Andover, NH 03216
603-735-6426 or Call on Google Voice 914-721-0496
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