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The Highland Lake Inn

Tatiana Abend,
Health and Wellness Coach

'Tatiana's upbeat and happy nature is totally contagious. She is one of the most dynamic women I know, and her profound faith in the work and benefits of her health coaching is really inspiring. Her approach is warm and understanding, yet fully professional, and her group presentation skills are excellent: I have witnessed how she manages to spread motivation and a positive attitude among the audience in all her talks.'

Health Coach Workshop participant
Owner Perkal & Atlas Company


New Hampshire Wellness Weeks Retreats

Coach: Tatiana Abend
Board Certified Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach
BodyVision Health Coaching LLC

~Retreat Details~

Brief Retreat outline:

The BodyVision/Highland Lake Inn Health Coaching program consists of the following:
3 week personalized e-preparation for the course before the workshop
5 night, 4 day ‘Foundation of Wellness’ group health and wellness coaching workshop (10-15 participants) at the Highland Lake Inn.
Package price includes overnight in single accommodation, all meals, and all workshop materials, plus some personalized extras on arrival.
1 full year of monthly personal health coaching sessions with the BodyVision Health and Wellness Coach.

¨Building Strong and Healthy Individuals"
Jump Start your personal, individual health and wellness program at the Highland Lake Inn. Designed for success and adapted to your preferences and lifestyle, coaching offers a unique, effective, positive, strength-based and inspired approach for sustainable habit change in harmony with your values and goals.

The New Hampshire Wellness Weeks are custom designed for an intensive 'jump start' in a beautiful setting where you can get all your issues and concerns out of the way, claim your potential, and take steps in the right direction.

BodyVision health coaching services provide the structure, the resources, and the support you need to design your individual, durable 'Foundation of Wellness', step by step successfully incorporating healthy habits into the everyday for an improved life quality and the freedom and peace of mind that underlie the 'greater you'.

Retreat Pricing & Details
$2,500.00 US per person (one month deposit date in advance)

5 nights in a queen or king size bed (on a first come basis), single occupancy.
Breakfast for 5 mornings
Dinner for 5 nights
Welcome Tea (on arrival)
Lunch for 4 days
3 week personalized e-preparation for the course before the workshop
5 night 4 day health coaching, stress management OR yoga program (see calendar for details)
All workshop materials, plus some personalized extras on arrival.
1 full year of monthly personal health coaching sessions with the BodyVision Health and Wellness Coach.

I have always had great respect for Tatiana's professionalism and dedication, not only to her work and clients, but also to her own self- development which enables her to offer the latest methods for ensuring that she has great success with her clients. She is dynamic and passionate about helping others.  She gets results!
~Barbara Grimwade, Founder/Owner, Dynamic Healing Company
Retreat Sign Up
Please write an email to Tatiana at indicating your interest in a free first consultation and include 2 dates and times that would be good for a chat of 30 minutes approx.  

Tatiana, will confirm one of these and at the appointed time will wait for the call from the client. This is the first step in the Retreat Sign-up process

Tatiana is an inspiring woman with an abundance of good sense and positivity with which to impart her knowledge and wisdom not only about health matters but about life itself!  Obviously the work had to be completed by me but with her dedication and enthusiasm as well as professionalism, this was achieved!'
~Glynis, Founder 'Creative Women'

Workshop/Retreat Dates

Upcoming Wellness Workshop
(To Be Announced)
The 3 Step Mind, Body, and Self-Care Transformational System
Learn how to discover, design and implement your custom designed,
sustainable healthy habits program

Yoga Retreat Dates Available

Payment of the full package price is due

Completion of the pre-retreat work:
Well-being assessment
Physician release form, if necessary
VIA survey
Coaching Agreement Form
One telephone coaching call

Sunday, , Arrival at the Inn check-in, welcome, evening at leisure

8:00  am - breakfast
9:00  am - 10.30 am - Coaching Session 1
10.45 am - 12.15 pm - Coaching Session 2
12.30 pm -  lunch at the Inn
2:00 pm to dinnertime - leisure
7:00 pm- dinner at the Inn

Monday's schedule is repeated on:

In total, 4 full days with the morning for you and your coaches work together, and afternoons for leisure activities. The afternoons can be outdoor activities, some 'pampering', or a combination of the 2.

Full year coaching maintenance program:
Once a month you and your coach shall have a coaching call by telephone for 30 minutes. These calls will take place between the 1st and 5th of each month for one full year after completion of the live workshop.

You will have unlimited email correspondence with your coach during the full year after the course if you have any questions along the way.

Stretch your limits - Transform your Life
Tranquilize the mind, Improve flexibility, Elevate consciousness and
Enjoy deep peace and relaxation
In order to achieve emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance, it is necessary to activate the whole body on a regular basis. Physical exercise makes one feel more alive, more at peace and more vital.
Yoga and meditation enhance the integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies producing profound transformation.


Stress Management Group Coaching Course
In this life enhancing workshop we will explore the many and varied causes of stress,
what it is and how it adversely affects our health and quality of life, we will then explore
and experience a multitude of powerful stress management techniques. We will create
our own personal stress profile to bring our conscious awareness to where the stressors
are and what we can do about them to create balance, equanimity and inner peace.
Retreat Outline & Schedule


The first sessions are dedicated to ‘warmup’ and the integration of essential elements.
The ‘mid’ sessions are dedicated to the workshop ‘work’
The final part of the program is dedicated to the integration of healthy habits into the everyday for long term success.

Each session includes:
Agenda outline
Relaxation / Visualization exercises
Interactive projects
Group work with the whole group or small breakout groups
Question and answer
Physical activity
Energizer exercises


Phase I, prior to the course:

Well-Being Assessment
VIA Survey
Coaching Contract
‘Am I Ready to Change’ (and in which areas?) fun quiz
Goals questionnaire
Discovery Questionnaire

Phase II, the workshop:

Depending on the wellness program date, you will experience one of the following: group health and wellness coaching, yoga, and stress management

Phase III: Individual Coaching One year course:

Once a month, participants have the chance to participate in an individual coaching session by telephone with their coach, 30-40 minutes in duration. Sessions include progress on goals, refining the wellness vision, overcoming obstacles, stress management, managing change in the home and work setting, evaluating oneself in the context of one’s environment, Q&A and more.

Additional features of the BodyVision Coaching System:

1) Unlimited e-mail access to your coach for the entire year of the program
2) BodyVision monthly newsletter full of tips and ideas to inspire you to success
3) Personal login to the BodyVision Free Membership Community on the BodyVision website. The free community includes a complimentary copy of the '8 Weeks to Wellness' Workbook, group forum, blog articles, invitation to BodyVision's facebook page, and invitations to special events.
4) Blogtalk radio show every 2 weeks on a Sunday morning: ‘The Wellness Coaches’ where BodyVision’s founder, Tatiana Abend and registered dietitian Marilyn Jess present topics of interest and take your calls and questions live.
5) Facebook group corresponding to the radio show with forum, community and Q&A section
6) The Highland Lake Inn Blog. A great feature of the blog is that you stay connected to the Inn, to Jeanne and to Tatiana all year round. You can subscribe by email to the blog or subscribe to the RSS feed. Ongoing information will be available there, also my clients will inspire me to cover new topics that they care about.

In our three year business relationship and growing friendship I have experienced Tatiana as someone with an open mind, curious and a passion for excellence. She takes great pleasure in always learning and expanding her skills and won't give up until she has found the solution. Her warmth and great ability to serve and support are remarkable!
~Iris Austere, MET-Coach

Benefits of Health Coaching

Coaching and Your Wellness:

“The coaching model is a catalyst for the transformation of the medical model to one where physicians work in partnership with highly-skilled health, fitness, and wellness coaches to help people get fit, eat well, and live life to the fullest. ACSM is collaborating with Wellcoaches to establish the gold standard for coach training and certification in the healthcare field.”
~Jim Whitehead, Executive Vice President, American College of Sports Medicine  


“We want to be well. We yearn to be in control and feel better. We want more energy. But there is an enormous gap between wanting to be well and the everyday reality of living with the mental and physical health penalties of overeating, under-exercising, and having too little down-time.”

“There are two important things we need. First, we need to connect wellness to what we value most. Second, we need to develop a personal wellness plan that is tailored to our circumstances.”

At BodyVision, your Health Coach is trained to:

accept and meet you where you are today
ask you to take charge
guide you in doing the mindful thinking and doing work that builds confidence
help you define a higher purpose for wellness and uncover your natural impulse well
help you tap into your innate fighting spirit
help you set realistic goals
harness the strengths you need to overcome your obstacles
help you view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow
help you build a support team
inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you would do alone”


Typical results of your program include the following:
Increased self-awareness
Acquisition of new knowledge and skills
Attainment of personal and professional goals
Sustainable behavior change
Increased self-efficacy
Becoming one’s best self”


What Coaching Does:
Sets short and long term goals
Sets action plans and monitors progress
Develops personalized strategies to utilize a person’s strengths as a way to achieve the desired outcomes

Reasons to work with a Health Coach
For motivation, discipline and accountability
For a personalized plan that evolves with your needs
For a guide through the morass of fitness, health and nutrition information that can confuse us and bog us down
For privacy and confidentiality

Reasons that Health Coaching is Effective:
Written communication facilitates and action plan
Monitoring of the action plan helps hold the person accountable
A structured, supportive environment helps the person stay on course

Who can work with a coach?:
Professionals with Demanding Lifestyles
Persons in life change (new motherhood, etc)
Small companies looking for improved performance of employees
Spas, Clinics, Medical Centers
Anybody looking to redefine and ‘live’ a healthy lifestyle!

Getting Here and Transportation
The two closet airports to the Highland Lake Inn are Logan Airport (Boston) and Manchester Airport (Manchester, NH)
Personal pick up is available up to 3 people upon arrangements with the Highland Lake Inn within the NH to Boston radius.

Amtrak--the Vermonter from Penn Station to White River Junction (Personal pick up is available)
Amtrak - Acela or regular service to Boston    1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245)

Dartmouth Coach- from NYC to Hanover NH
Dartmouth Coach from Boston South Station or Logan Airport to New London, NH
Concord Coach Line from Boston South Station or Airport to Concord, NH

Manchester Airport, Manchester, NH  Directions
Logan Airport, Boston (BOS) Directions
John F. Kennedy International Airport, NY, NY (JFK) Directions
LaGuardia Airport, NY, NY (LGA) Directions
Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ (EWR) Directions

Highland Lake Inn

32 Maple Street, Andover, NH 03216
603-735-6426 or Call on Google Voice 914-721-0496

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